Who we are

About us

Future Elite Sports Academy believes in providing the highest standards in technical and movement training for young players. We create individualized skill training utilizing the latest technology and equipment, offering academy standard practice for boys and girls age 5 to 20 years old in a professional and positive environment.

All of our lead Coaches hold a minimum of a C licence with either coaching or playing experience. We cater for outfielders and Teams working on an ethos of individualized, bespoke player development to create technical and creative players.

We do this by maintaining a high coach to player ratio, incorporating the use of video feedback and physical/technical testing to measure our players performance. We believe in learning to win and lose, instilling a positive attitude and freedom of expression from a young age. We believe players develop best when working against themselves at the edge of their comfort zones, combining a spectrum of physical and technical skills.

We`re committed to using football as a tool to unite people and provide support to children in underprivileged communities around the world.

As flexible as Messi, direct and fast as Bale, as secure as Iniesta, and as solid as Sergio Ramos. At FESA you train professionally and diversely. Our qualified trainers will help you as a footballer to get better technically, tactically, physically and mentally.

A combination of talent and hard work is the main key to becoming one of the very best in the game. Often talent as a footballer alone is not enough. In Future Elite Sports Academy, our philosophy is not limited to purely footballing education. We consider the strength of the character as very important. We value respect, courtesy, discipline and constructive expression.

To make you grow as a player and person we use the best and most modest equipment’s and Gears to further you.

We advance every fielder with specific training. Whether defense, midfield or attack- we go in for all parts of the team.